Does Your Motorcycle Insurance Cover Medical Bills

Does Your Motorcycle Insurance Cover Medical Bills?

Have a motorcycle insurance policy but still confused if your motorcycle insurance cover medical bills or not? Read this article to know the answers to all your questions.

Riding a motorcycle without insurance can be disastrous. If you own a motorcycle, having motorcycle insurance is a must to remain protected while you are on the road and gets into an accident. You may be thinking how motorcycle insurance covers you? Does your motorcycle insurance cover medical bills?

Here in this post, you will get to know the coverages provided by motorcycle insurance and if it covers medical bills or if it’s excluded from your policy.

What Is Motorcycle Insurance And How Does Motorcycle Insurance Work?

Just like auto insurance, motorcycle insurance is a policy that you should purchase from an insurance provider to financially protect yourself from accidents on the road.

This policy covers any bodily injury you sustain as well as property damage you cause to another person and the repairing cost of your bike.

If somehow you get caught in an accident, this policy will cover the medical expenses as well as the cost of repairing the damages to your bike.

Does Your Motorcycle Insurance Cover Medical Bills?

One word answer to this question is – YES!

Your motorcycle insurance policy covers the medical bills if you get in an accident. However, you should study your policy carefully to know all the inclusions and exclusions to make sure you are fully covered.

In general, motorcycle insurance provides you with a decent amount of coverage for property damage as well as medical costs.

If you ever face an accident, your insurance company will pay for the damages caused to your motorcycle as well as medical fees for any bodily injury.

What Type of Medical Expenses Are Covered By Motorcycle Insurance?

Now you know the answer to the question – Does your motorcycle insurance cover medical bills? So let’s look at coverages provided by your policy for medical bills.

Several insurance providers provide you with medical expense coverage up to a certain amount. This may vary from one company to another. You should read your policy carefully to know the extent of your coverage.

Here are some of the common medical expense coverages you may get in your motorcycle insurance policy.

  • Hospitalization
  • Surgery
  • Prescription Drugs
  • Physical Therapy

However, every medical expense is not covered and you should check your policy’s terms and conditions to have a clear idea of the coverage you are getting.

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I Already Have Health Insurance Coverage. Do I Still Need Motorcycle Insurance Medical Expense Coverage?

Yes! You should opt for medical expense coverage even if you have a health insurance plan.

Your health insurance plan will cover you up to a certain limit. If you exceeds the limit, you will be responsible to pay the extra cost.

In this case, your medical expense coverage under your motorcycle insurance policy can come to your rescue. It will help you to pay for medical expense coverage that goes beyond your health insurance policy.

I Am Covered By My Spouse’s Motorcycle Insurance Policy. Do I Still Need A Separate Policy?

If you are covered by your spouse’s policy, you don’t need to get a separate policy for yourself. You will get all the benefits that you would get in a policy of your own.

Last Words

It’s important to get a motorcycle insurance policy if you own a motorcycle and want to ride with peace of mind that you are fully protected while you are on the road. You can contact an independent insurance agent or an insurance company to get a policy suited to your unique needs.

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