You’re probably already incredibly familiar with safety audits, D.O.T. roadside inspections, and compliance checks.

The overwhelming amount of your insurance cost will be closely associated with your driving record. 

Increase Your Insurance Deductibles means you have take some of the responsibilities associated with your job, and it’s often favorably looked upon by insurance companies.

A good written safety policy may seem like a waste of time, but it can be key to making your costs more affordable.

When you competitively bid for your commercial truck insurance every year, you can verify the premium standard throughout the industry.

Every owner/operator is already well-versed in budgeting a finite amount of revenue. You can also consider buying your tractor trailer insurance “in bulk.” 

Many owners/operators aren’t aware that your credit score can have a tremendous impact on their insurance premiums.

Many owners/operators become truckers because of the independence it offers. You are your own authority and your business decisions are your own. 

There are a number of successful trucking associations that offer members access to association insurance rates. The value of such a decision will ultimately belong to the owner/operator. 

If you hire a co-driver who has a bad driving record or a lack of experience, that can also increase your insurance premiums.