Event Planning Services

Ideal for creating memorable experiences in Virginia, with a focus on handling details from concept to execution​

Home Renovation Services

Offers value addition to historic and modern homes in Virginia, enhancing comfort and energy efficiency​

Landscape Design

Tailors outdoor spaces to Virginia's diverse climate, increasing property value and offering environmental benefits

Local Tour Guide

Utilizes in-depth local knowledge to enhance travel experiences in Virginia's rich historical and cultural settings

Handyman Business

Thrives in Virginia’s varied housing market, offering repair and maintenance services suitable for all seasons

Pool Service Business

 Ideal for Virginia’s warm summers, providing cleaning and maintenance services for residential and community pools

House Painting

 Caters to Virginia’s diverse architectural landscape, focusing on quality and preservation

Subscription Box Business

Capitalizes on Virginia’s rich agricultural and artisanal products, delivering curated local items

Food Cart

A great opportunity in pedestrian-friendly Virginia cities, offering diverse cuisines to locals and tourists​

Hotel Business

Taps into Virginia's steady tourist and professional influx, benefiting from its historical and business attractions