Advertise Your Security System

Display stickers or signs of your home security system to deter burglars, especially at main entry points

Stop Newspaper and Mail Delivery

 Halting newspaper and mail delivery prevents the accumulation of these items, which signals an empty house

Simulate Activity

Use light timers and ask neighbors to occasionally move cars or outdoor furniture to create an illusion of presence

Secure Windows and Doors

 Ensure all entry points, including windows and secondary doors, are securely locked​

Maintain Your Lawn

Arrange for your lawn to be mowed or snow to be shoveled to keep the property looking tended

Be Discreet on Social Media

Avoid sharing vacation plans or photos online until after you return to prevent alerting potential burglars

Enlist Neighbors or Friends

Ask trusted individuals to keep an eye on your property and report any suspicious activity

Use Smart Devices for Security

 Install smart locks, security cameras, and alarms, and use them to remotely monitor and protect your home

Remove Spare Keys

 Avoid leaving spare keys in predictable hiding spots; instead, leave them with a trusted neighbor

Unplug Unnecessary Appliances

Unplug electronics to prevent potential fire hazards and power surges, ensuring safety while you're away