Falling Space Debris

Home insurance can cover damages from extremely rare occurrences like meteorites falling from space

Volcanic Eruptions

Policies often include coverage for damages caused by lava or volcanic ash

Riot and Civil Unrest Damage

 Damage to your property from riots or civil unrest may be covered

Accidental Damage by Pets

Some policies cover repairs or replacements for property damaged by pets

Identity Theft Expenses

Legal fees and lost wages due to identity theft can be covered

Food Spoilage

Reimbursement for spoiled food during a power outage caused by a covered peril is often included

Gravestone Vandalism

 Homeowners policies may cover damage to grave markers, urns, and other funerary items

Interior Designer Fees

  Following a covered loss, some policies cover the cost of hiring an interior designer for repairs or redecoration

Damage from Falling Object

Coverage includes unexpected falling objects, like tree limbs or satellite dishes

Rewards for Crime Tips

Policies may cover rewards for information leading to the arrest or conviction of a criminal related to a home incident​