Your rates went up

Shopping around may help lower your premiums.

You've had big life changes

A milestone birthday, marriage or divorce and new residence all can impact auto rates.

You're buying a new car

New cars often have lower rates because they're safer than older cars.

Your credit rating went up

In most states, this can help you get a better insurance rate.

Your New Year's resolution is to save money

Reducing insurance rates can add up to big savings.

Your commute changed

If you're driving less now, your rate could go down.

Your policy ends soon

This is a good time to compare auto insurance quotes.

You had a bad service experience

Reduce stress by finding an insurance company with a high satisfaction rating.

You have a new teen driver

You may need to switch to mitigate a potential increase in rates

Your child has good grades

Good Student Discounts are available for drivers with at least a B grade average

Your traffic infraction has expired

You can see substantial savings when these come off your driving record.

You took a class

A Driver Refresher Course can help you get a better rate.