Real Estate Investment

 M/I Homes, Inc. (MHO) has shown resilience and growth despite a volatile real estate market, making it an attractive investment due to its strong financial performance and innovative housing solutions for millennials.

E-Commerce and Logistics

 GigaCloud Technology Inc. (GCT) connects manufacturers with resellers worldwide, excelling in large parcel e-commerce and logistics, marked by consistent profitability and strategic growth opportunities.

Hedge Funds

: Hedge funds are poised for stronger returns in the 2020s, benefiting from conditions like heightened geopolitical risk, inflation volatility, and transition risks, which are ideal for dynamic alpha generators.

Private Debt

 Private debt strategies are gaining importance as they can step into spaces vacated by traditional lenders, offering opportunities in an environment of regime change and higher rates.

Fixed Income Investments

 With interest rates unlikely to return to the very low levels of the 2010s, the value of fixed income in multi-asset portfolio construction is greater today.

China and Emerging Markets (EM) Investments

Despite recent negative sentiment towards China, base allocations to China and EM are recommended to be at least at benchmark weights, offering a potential contrarian opportunity.

Strategic Asset Allocation

Accelerating strategic asset allocation reviews is advised due to the changing market conditions, especially in the fixed income sector.

Dynamic Alpha Generation

Investment strategies capable of dynamic alpha generation are likely to thrive due to increasing market volatility, dispersion, and dislocation.

Technology and Innovation

 Investments in sectors driven by technology and innovation, including AI, are expected to be key, responding to the rapid socialization and integration of advanced tech in various industries.

Diversified Product Offerings

Companies like GigaCloud that have diversified product offerings and strong supply chain systems present growth opportunities, especially in the business-to-business marketplace.