Does renters insurance cover broken windows

Does Renters Insurance Cover Broken Windows?

Renter insurance covers many things but does it cover broken windows? Read this article to know when broken windows are covered or excluded from your policy.

As a renter who just purchased a renters insurance policy, you may find it difficult to understand your coverage. There can be questions in your mind like “Am I covered if someone covered under my policy cause damage to someone else’s property” or “Am I covered if I cause damage to my property.

Well, you are covered if you or some other person covered under your renters’ insurance policy cause damage to someone else’s property.

However, you are not covered if you cause damage to your own property.

A broken window also comes under property damage and the above-mentioned rule also applies here. Here are the answers to all the different types of questions related to “Does renters insurance cover broken windows”?

Does Renters Insurance Cover Me If I Break My Own Window?


You will not get anything from your insurer if you break your own window. It doesn’t matter if the window broke due to your negligence or it was accidental.

Damage caused to the window is excluded if anyone covered under the renters’ insurance policy is found liable for it.

Your renters’ insurance policy also doesn’t pay for maintenance of the window. Your insurance agent will provide you more details regarding the circumstances when your renters’ policy will not help you.

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Does Renters Insurance Cover Me If I Break Someone Else’s Window?

Your renters’ insurance policy will cover the repairing or replacement cost if you break another person’s window. This is covered under the liability coverage of your renters’ policy.

Liability coverage covers you if you are found liable for damage caused to another person. If you are found liable, this coverage pays for the cost and fees associated with the claim up to your coverage limits.

Here is an example.

Suppose you or any other person covered under your policy throws a ball and it breaks your neighbor’s window, your liability coverage will pay for the damage.

Also, if your insurer finds that you are not liable, your policy will pay for the litigation cost in case your neighbor decides to file a case for claim denial.

Does Renters Insurance Cover Broken Windows If Someone Else Breaks It?

Just like if you break someone else’s window, you are liable to pay for the damages, the same rule applies when someone else breaks your window.

The liability coverage of the renters’ policy covers damages caused to your home’s window if any other person breaks it.

You can file a claim with your insurance company. Your insurance company will get in touch with that person’s insurance company and will recoup all the costs including repairing costs and legal fees.

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What If Your Window Broke Due To Some Other Reason?

Your window can also break without any human intervention. The most common causes can be fire, theft, or natural disasters.

However, most of these come under a covered peril. So, you don’t have to worry if someone breaks your window to steal something or if your window gets damaged due to a hurricane.

At the same time, every policy has its own set of coverages as well as exclusions. Therefore, you should carefully examine the policy with the help of an independent insurance agent.

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